-We each view the world differently. It is filled with an infinite amount of stories for each of us to tell while we create our own visual ideologies-


Bill Mitchell / Daily Sun - Cal Gaines, Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

Up to this point of time in my life I ask the very questions, do I live my life with passion? What matters now and how will the value of my days be measured? I feel that it is not purely about my success, but my significance in this world and what mark will I leave on this earth for others when my time has come. Each of us is unique in our very own way and for now our bodies are just a temporary housing for our souls, so what ultimately matters is how long we are going to be remembered, by whom and for what. Because in the end, a life of meaning with strong purpose, happiness and faith is crucial in understanding what defines each of us.

As a visual storyteller I am always curious about how life plays out, it is a true chance for me to see into the human condition and offers me the ability to capture unique photographs. The possibilities within the realm of photography are so unique that being a photographer allows me the greatest chance to see many aspects of life and it helps me understand what makes people human. While the precise planning, control and attention to detail are important. It is also about who we are as individuals, how we communicate with others and the lasting impressions we leave as we travel through the chapters of life.

Photographs are visual texts that speak to everyone and they provide us with a link to the past as well as the present — they also represent the human experience — giving us the opportunity to truly document important moments in time.


For several years Cal has worked on assignments such as breaking news stories, sports, lifestyles and commercial photography, he has also worked on special publications. ‘America’s Organ Crisis,’ a 9-month project documenting organ shortage and ‘When We Were Soldiers,’ a documentary story of the gradual disappearance of the WWII generation which won 4 awards in his first year with The Villages Daily Sun.


Award-winning photographer, Cal Gaines, has studied Photographic Technologies at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies

 Fine Arts and Visual Design at the University of North Florida


Communications and Humanities at Tallahassee Community College

He currently is a freelance photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina looking for a new adventure.

Honors & Awards

PBS: Public Broadcasting Service American Masters Pedro E. Guerrero – Featured Photograph 2015

Appleton Museum of Art – 1st Place Mobile Photography Exhibition – Pattern and shape 2015

Society of Professional Journalists – First place award for Special Section – ‘When We Were Soldiers’ August 2014

Florida Society of News Editors – First place award for Photo Story – ‘When We Were Soldiers’ August 2014

Florida Press Club – First place Special Sections – ‘When We Were Soldiers’ August 2014

Florida Press Club – First place award for Feature Photo Essay – ‘When We Were Soldiers’ August 2014


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